Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Tony Sanderson's Bluehaze collection

In the early 2000s Tony Sanderson created two pages of oldtime radio audio and commentary at his Bluehaze Solutions business website. It was a wide-ranging miscellany, covering old serials, comedy and quiz shows, and 60s deejays.

I exchanged emails with Tony when I first discovered his website, and he mentioned my site on one of his pages. He died in 2006, and although someone is keeping the site going, the audio files haven't been preserved. The snapshots of the site at Internet Archive have also failed to include the mp3s.

However, the AussieOldies channel at YouTube has posted three highlights, listed below. They are all chart countdowns hosted by well-known Melbourne announcers.

Ernie Sigley went on to stardom on national TV, but he was well-known on Melbourne radio and TV before that.

The witty Barry Ferber ('The Mellow Fellow') ran some entertaining record shows on 3DB, but here he is in a more formal mode, sticking to the script.

Stan 'The Man' Rofe was well established at 3KZ by the late 60s when he switched to 3UZ, where he ran a progressive late-night album show that departed from 3UZ's standard Top 40 format.

Tony Sanderson's collection posted by AussieOldies at YouTube

AM stations 1950s-70s:
3DB 3UZ Melbourne
3LK Lubeck [3DB relay station near Horsham]

Announcers you can hear in Tony Sanderson's collection:
Ernie Sigley on 3DB Melbourne in July 1962 [YouTube]
Barry Ferber on 3DB Melbourne in January 1963 [YouTube]
Stan Rofe on 3UZ Melbourne in 1970 [YouTube]

+ Lots of good old Aussie music at the AussieOldies channel.

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