Sunday, January 21, 2018

5KA-KAFM Reunion 2001: aircheck page

When Adelaide AM station 5KA (later KAFM and Triple M) had a reunion in 2001, it put up a whole website dedicated to the event. Fortunately, it included a page packed with airchecks and other audio material, and after the site became defunct its archived pages remained at the National Library of Australia's Pandora archive.

For fans of 60s pop radio, the highlight is a collection of seven airchecks from 1968, representing a day in the life of a commercial radio station.

As I wrote at my other blog, the airchecks were collected to promote the station to advertisers, but I believe they are actual off-air recordings.

There are many other gems here, including a young Barry Bissell (before Take 40 Australia) on Late Nights c.1972-3, and Don Lunn on 5KA Drive in 1977, a decade after his legendary years on Melbourne's premier Top 40 station 3UZ.

Adelaide's 5KA-KAFM Reunion [archived by NLA's Pandora]

AM stations 1950s-70s:
5KA Adelaide
5RM Renmark, 5AU Port Augusta [5KA relay stations]

Some announcers you can hear at Adelaide's 5KA-KAFM Reunion:
Mike Fewster on 5KA Breakfast in 1968 [aka Michael John Fewster at 2CA Canberra]
Jim Slade on 5KA Drive in 1968
Barry Bissell on 5KA Late Nights, c.1972-73

Other content includes
Station jingles & logos
DJ theme songs

+ Content from KAFM including the switchover from 5KA in 1990.

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