Tuesday, July 26, 2022

The Frankster Archives: historic Australian audio and video

This is a vast collection of radio airchecks and other audio and video over many decades. Also included are some untouched images of original tape packets or audiocassette cases, along with historic scrawls in Biro or felt pen. 

It isn't indexed, so you will need to do some browsing and site searches [like this one for "John Laws"]. It is a unique and magnificent collection, carefully curated.

The Frankster Archives: Saving audiovisual history one tape at a time


AM stations 1950s-70s:
2HD Newcastle
2SM Sydney
3UZ Melbourne
4BC Brisbane
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Some announcers you can hear at The Frankster Archive:
John Laws on 2SM Sydney in 1958
Ken Sparkes on 3UZ Melbourne in 1965-68
Alan Lappan on 3UZ Melbourne in 1969
Graham Cherry on 3UZ Melbourne in 1969
Sam Anglesey on 3UZ Melbourne in 1969

+ Extensive collection of audio and video material from several decades including airchecks, audition tapes, production tapes. Includes videos.