Friday, January 26, 2018

'Australian Old Time Radio Recordings' at Crossband Radio

Crossband Radio is a site for amateur radio enthusiasts, dedicated specifically to one sixty meter crossband transmissions from vk3ase.

The technical parts of the site are incomprehensible to an outsider like me, but clicking through to its Australian Old Time Radio Recordings reveals an extraordinary miscellany of audio recordings from the 30s to the 90s.

The highlight for me is a page of country radio airchecks recorded by Keith Birks in 1962-63. These offer a unique glimpse of commercial radio in regional towns and cities in the days before the British Invasion and the era of the classic Top 40 disc jockey in the second half of the 60s.

There are also three pages of station identification jingles, one each for 3UZ, 3KZ and 3AW Melbourne (about 70 mp3s for 3UZ, for example, many from the 60s). Pure nostalgia for anyone who remembers Melbourne radio in the 60s.

It's not brilliantly curated (as the webmaster concedes), with audio files scattered over a few pages including two of "unsorted files", but there are many gems to be found if you browse around.
'Australian Old Time Radio Recordings' at Crossband Radio

Includes Country radio airchecks 1962-63

AM stations 1950s-70s
2BL Sydney
2BS Bathurst, 2CA Canberra, 2GZ Orange, 2RG Griffith, 2WG Wagga
3AR 3DB 3LO Melbourne
3BA Ballarat, 3BO Bendigo, 3MA Mildura, 3UL Warragul
5KA 5AD Adelaide
5SE Mt Gambier, 5PI Port Pirie-Crystal Brook, 5MU Murray Bridge [5AD relay stations]
7AD Devonport, 7EX Launcestion

Some announcers you can hear at 'Australian Old Time Radio Recordings':
Tony Doherty on 3UZ Melbourne, 1960s
Dave Stewart/Stuart on 2RG Griffith in1979 [also here]
Bob Fricker on 5AD Adelaide in 1963

Other content includes
Old radio commercials
ID jingles 3UZ 3KZ 3AW
Unsorted files 1
Unsorted files 2 

+ Many audio files covering ham radio, community radio, early talkback, serials, radio commercials, famous names such as Clive Robertson and Graham Kennedy, and such unexpected rarities as 3CS Colac in wartime 1940s.

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