Friday, January 26, 2018

'Out of the 3UZ Archives'

This collection was posted to Soundcloud to commemorate the 90th anniversary of 3UZ, Melbourne's best-rating Top 40 station in the 60s. It is now rebranded as RSN Racing & Sport, owned by Victoria's racing bodies. The familiar frequency 930 kHz (Dial nine-three-o, went the jingle) was changed to 927 in 1978 when the spacing between AM stations went to 9 kHz instead of 10.

The highlight is an 8½ minute aircheck of Don Lunn on his breakfast show in 1968. He was one of the greats, adapting the fast American style to an Australian context. His delivery had a rhythm to it that was almost musical (he even breaks into singing now and then). His accent wasn't exactly American, although he bent some vowel sounds slightly towards American without straying too far from Australian. Note, though, the way he pronounces the 'r' in 'girl' in this clip, something not usually heard in the non-rhotic Aussie accent. His confident, upbeat delivery, and his adept management of all the audio elements, made his breakfast show sound like an exciting event, even though it was packed with ads. Thinking back, it's not the ads you remember.

'Out of the 3UZ Archives' at Soundcloud

AM stations 1950s-70s:
3UZ Melbourne

Some announcers you can hear at 'Out of the 3UZ Archives':
Don Lunn on 3UZ Melbourne in 1968
Sam Anglesey on 3UZ Melbourne in 1968
John Vertigan on 3UZ Melbourne in 1968 [Saturday sports]

Other content includes
Racing & football sportscasts
Listener Memories

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