Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Ian Wright's collection at Soundcloud

This is a collection of assorted audio clips posted by radio man Ian Wright. His own career began at 2KM Kempsey in the early 70s,  and has covered announcing, sales and management at many stations including 3LK Horsham, 2AD Armidale (very briefly), 5KA and 5AA Adelaide, and 2BE Bega.

Ian is now with 5MU Murray Bridge out of Victor Harbor on the Fleurieu Peninsula of South Australia, handling sales as well as on-air and voiceover work. He has also been heard on community station 5EFM in Victor Harbor. A 2013 profile by Keith McGowan at RadioInfo gives a nice snapshot of Ian's work at 5MU.

A highlight in Ian's collection is Alan McGirvan making one of his in-character prank calls, this time as Mick Fleetwood of Fleetwood Mac. These calls were a feature of his morning show on 4IP in Ipswich, not far from Brisbane where much of its audience was found. Before 4IP, McGirvan had been a foundation announcer on 2JJ in Sydney, the AM station that went FM as part of the ABC's national Triple J network.
Ian Wright's collection at Soundcloud


AM stations 1950s-70s:
2UW Sydney
3KZ Melbourne
4IP Ipswich-Brisbane
5KA Adelaide

Some announcers you can hear in Ian Wright's collection:
John Burnley on 2SM Sydney in 1971
David White on 2SM Sydney in 1974
Barry Bissell on 5KA Adelaide in 1975

Other content includes
History of radio feature
Alan McGirvan phone prank on 4IP Ipswich, 1970s
Radio jingles

+ Audio clips from several decades, covering news, music and entertainment on AM and FM radio. You can also hear audio of Ian on-air at community station 5E-FM in Victor Harbor.


  1. I just found aircheck of 2SM jock Ron "E" Sparks on KHJ Los Angeles at ronesparks.com
    Sounds like late 1970s.

  2. Great! He does it well, eh?

    Wikipedia: "He was also the first radio jock to play AC/DC on American radio during a guest appearance on Radio KHJ Los Angeles in 1976."