Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Ian Davidson on country radio 1961

Ian Damon was nicknamed 'The Wombat' when he worked at British pirate station Radio London in the late 60s, one of many Australian deejays heard on the pirates.

Back in Australia, using his real name Ian Davidson, he had been heard on country stations 2RG Griffith and 2LF Young 1954-1961.

Ian's radio career would take him to a wide variety of stations over the decades in Australia, England and Europe (there's a long list on his home page).

The 16-minute audio clip on his Next Steps page is a rare gem, giving a snapshot of a small-town country radio station of the time, complete with the gongs that were sounded by the announcer to punctuate the program.

Photo from Ian Davidson's site, cropped and reduced. Full sized photo here.
2LF print snippet (1940) from mahoncup.com.au

Ian Davidson aka Ian 'The Wombat' Damon


AM stations 1950s-70s:
2LF Young

Ian Davidson on 2LF Young in 1961

Other content
Ian 'The Wombat' Damon on pirate station Radio London in 1967 [embedded YouTube video] 

+ The story of Ian's radio career from radio school in Sydney to pirate radio days, with some great photos from country stations.

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